About Me


I am Sneha, staying in Mumbai(Maharashtra). I discovered my passion for travelling in my early 20s. It was then I started maintaining a travel journal for every trip I did. This is how I discovered my another interest – Travel- Journaling. I wrote and maintained many travel journals over few years and was happy sharing them with my friends and acquaintances. In early 2017, I realised I should maintain my travel data online to share among wide range of readers. I take this blog as my travel repository which might help other travelers around the globe.

I am not a full time traveler. I have a day job, but thankfully, my job gives me enough holidays to plan several vacations in a year.

I have just entered my 30s and I already love the feel of it. My goal for this decade is to visit new places, try various cuisines and share the experience on this blog. Though the blog is new, I intend to maintain it passionately and would love your support as a reader.

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