These Instagram accounts of 2017 are pure eye-candy for Travel Lovers

These Instagrammers are passionate about travel and love telling their travel stories through photos. Their Instagram accounts are adventurous, lively and pure eye-candy for the Travel lovers.

1.The Orange Traveller : Eva Rana is from Uttarakhand and working as an IT Professional. She is a runner,a trekker,a traveler. She can be all at once. Hills are her calling and she do two Himalayan treks and a trip to Europe every year.
She loves the sun because it kind of connects her with the meaning of life spiritually. That is why she resonates with the color ORANGE and rightfully call herself THE ORANGE TRAVELLER.

2. Live.Travel.Click : Yusuf Ratlamwala is a free spirited and light-hearted guy. He loves travelling like most of the young souls today, however he looks at things a little different. He inherited photography + travelling in his genes. However, it was around 5 years back when he started taking photography little seriously after buying his first bridge camera which soon was replaced by a DSLR in couple of years. He has travelled almost 25 states of India with a few left to cover. A year back looking at his Instagram profile he realised that its now time to pen down his travels in form of a blog and that’s when his 3 passions(Live, Travel & Click) took a form of a blog:

3. Overrated_outcast : Trishita Bhattacharya don’t call herself a traveler but travelling has been an essential part of her life. She loves visiting different places. The history of the place and knowing about the culture intrigues her. She loves to capture those moments in the form of pictures so that she can show it to the people who are not fortunate enough to travel often. And she capture pictures so that some years down the line, she can go back and relive those moments like they happened yesterday.

4. Bohemian On the Run : Aditi is a Dubai based Indian travel blogger and a freelance travel writer whose work and life hasn’t stopped her from aiming to check the entire world off her bucket list, one country at a time. Her travel stories are based around experiencing the culture of a place highlighting their food and as much as possible jet-setting off to off-beat destinations around the globe with her globetrotter husband. She has traveled to twenty-five countries in the past eight years of her travel experiences and lived in five. Her husband who has already been to thirty countries and has backpacked across South-East Asia and Europe, has been the perfect partner in crime to all their adventures and in creating their travel website and Instagram account to give aspiring travelers an insight of what their life is like on the road away from the comforts of swanky Dubai.

5. MAGIK INDIA : Born in France, Mathini has been steeped in Indian culture since an early age and she is currently based in Rajasthan. Indefatigable explorer, her purpose is to bear witness, in a deliberately positive spirit, to Indiaโ€™s incredible heritage and culture and beyond the usual clichรฉs. If it sparks a desire for people to pack their bags and set off for an Indian adventure, then her purpose will be achieved.

6. Shivya : Shivya Nath at age 23 (in 2011),quit her corporate job to travel the world. She lives a nomadic life, seek adventures off the beaten path, and work on the go to fund her travels.

Weekly feature: #theshootingstar . ๐Ÿ‘‰ Olympic National Park, near Seattle . ๐Ÿ‘‰ Photo by @zenandzany . . "Right in the middle of an extremely busy and demanding career in consulting, I slowly came to realize that I was constantly prioritizing work above everything else in my life. It was time to hit the reset button. I got on this self-imposed sabbatical, a serious infusion of ME time." . . Mohini says that among other things, she is using her time off to travel because it puts her outside her comfort zone. She loves the opportunities that come with encountering unknown situations, places, people ๐Ÿพ . . "This moment happened on the way to Sol Duc Falls in Olympic National Park, near Seattle. The air was fresh, moisture-laden; there was snow along the trail, green velvety moss on every surface in sight; and the day was foggy with a hint of rain, with occasional sunlight peeking through giant trees." Follow her adventures ๐Ÿ‘† . . Hashtag your travel photos for a chance to be featured on my gallery every week โ›„๏ธ . . #seattle #traveladdict #ifoundawesome #wearetravelgirls #wanderlust

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7. Unravelling_travelling : Traveling is still new for Radhika Sharma. Last year she decided to step out on New Year’s eve and it is then she knew that there is no stopping. She loves seeing new places, getting lost in the lap of nature, meeting new people and exploring the idea of wandering. She feels free, alive and happy. Travelling is source of her unadulterated happiness. The aim of her life is to find happiness in the unknown places and spread happiness along the way.

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