5 Reasons why you should not visit Nepal

1. Too many BEAUTIFUL Mountain Ranges to Explore
Nepal is known for Annapurna Range of Himalayan Mountain Range, which nestles Trekking routes. Would you like to trek on such gorgeous mountain range in Nepal? Of course, the answer is No. Nepal also has one of the seven World’s Highest Peaks, which is appx 20,000 ft high. Every trek would fill your heart with so many astounding experiences that you won’t be able to handle them. So, better save your time and not go on such memorable treks!
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2. Too many extra-ordinary places to explore
Nepal has too many beautiful and extra-ordinary places to explore that you run out of your travel time. Too many things to explore and so much less time…
When I visited Nepal, I started with visiting two Monasteries(Budhanath Temple, Swayambhunath) which were so beautiful and serene that the experience killed me(not literally though).

Patan Durbar Square gives you glimpse of old Buddhist Patan city which is centuries old. This city has old structures, gates and temple which only an artist or an architecture expert will admire. Not for you, traveler!

In Chitwan National Park, you only get to do Jungle Safari to see 605 Rhinos and visit Elephant Orphanage to see baby elephants loitering around just playing in woods. Oh! the tourists who only love visiting zoo, this is not the place for you. Here, animals are set free in their natural surroundings, while Humans needs to take precautions while paying them visit.

Gupteshwar Caves, which are made of limestone deposits over the centuries and has waterfall at the end of caves. You get to walk through this dark, mysterious limestone deposit cave, until you find the light at the end where the waterfall starts. How boring it is!

Manakamana Devi temple, in Gorkha district of Nepal is full with tourist for entire year. You have to travel in Cable Car (entire system is imported from Austria) which is 3 km long and takes 15 m in to reach the top. View from the top – breath-taking mountain ranges,lush green small Nepali villages midst of the mountain ranges.cable
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3. So many Adventure sports that only Brave-hearts can do.
Nepal homes adventure sports like mountaineering, trekking, white water rafting, paragliding, mountain biking, wildlife safaris and bungee jumping. This country has adventure sports only for brave hearts and people willing to satiate their adrenaline rush.
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4. Never-ending Shopping list.
When you visit Thamel Market in Kathmandu, you find woolen jackets and sweaters woven by local Nepalese women. Purses decorated in embroidery works, Pashamina Shawls and Antique items made out of different metals are sold by many local vendors in the market. Market in Pokhara has the same story – hundreds of shop selling handicraft items, books and journals made out of local Lotka trees. Does this appeal you to update your shopping list?
Shopping list for Nepal is never-ending and shopaholics like me ends up spending more than budget. Rather than loosing control in such shopper’s paradise, better not to visit Nepal.
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5. Never visit Nepal because you are bound to fall in love with this country.
Yeah, you will fall in love with the sweet people of this country who welcomes you with an innocent smile. They are simple people with simple needs and when they see a visitor – they are happy to show you how richly cultured their homeland is. Nepal has something for everyone- adventure sports for brave hearts, temples and monasteries for people seeking peace, 10 UNESCO World Heritage sites for travelers who love exploring ruins and architectural marvels. That is why everyone who visits Nepal, falls in love with it.


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