This is how Zomato improved people’s travelling experience


Food is a vital part of travelling. People travel not only to visit new place but also to try new cuisines and authentic dishes the place has to offer. Sightseeing and Food together define our travelling experience. This is where Zomato comes in picture. With smartphones in our hand and user-friendly Zomato app, things have got much easier. I have read many travelers writing about online booking websites and how they are useful for India travel, but they completely forget about mentioning the food experience for the trip. I am so grateful that a foodie like me has a handy app to guide me through.
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My dear travelers, you should consider Zomato in your smartphone while traveling for these reasons:

Genuine Reviews: Over a period of a year or so, more and more people refer to the restaurant list on Zomato before they decide to enter the new restaurant. The other day, my friend and I discovered a new restaurant near a movie theater and we both were craving for coffee after the movie. Still reluctant to enter the restaurant (no matter how fancy it looked), my friend shrugged saying, “Zomato pe review dekh le pehle”. Yes, Zomato is a data for the people by the people. Completely genuine reviews by the users helps you decide if the restaurant is worth your time and money. My first review on Zomato was a negative review about a restaurant which did not provide good service. Immediately the next day I got an apology message from the restaurant’s management team. This incident made me feel good that my review was heard and made some difference.

Good Reach-ability: Go anywhere in India, Zomato has every restaurant – big or small listed with them. On all my self-guided trips to Hyderabad, Karnataka, Goa and other states of India, I had followed restaurants on Zomato to plan my meals.

Genuine Data about restaurants: Be it address, phone numbers or the menu card, I found the data to be genuine 99% time. This always helped me to locate the restaurant in new areas without much hassle. Also, the app shows the restaurant on Google Maps which is also convenient if you have lost the track.

Average Costing guide: The most important part of traveling is deciding the overall budget. Zomato has helped me to follow my decided budget by only visiting those restaurants who’s “Average Costing” is economical enough for me. The price listing for the restaurant menu is genuine and updated.

Online order service: This is another amazing feature they have started a while ago. Don’t feel like leaving the room, too tired to leave the bed, just order the food and get it delivered at the door-steps. Sometimes such kind of laziness helps after a long, tiresome travel.

Highlight the specialty about the restaurant: I would have never know that the Biryani from Paradise restaurant or Shadab restaurant, Hyderabad, would taste so good and authentic if Zomato would have not listed them to me. Travelling a new place/city can be overwhelming. A food like me will first look out for what food/cuisine the new city has to offer and where to find it. That’s where Zomato comes handy and simplifies my job to great extent.

Thank you Zomato for being my silent travel guide, who gives the exact information whenever I need it.

Disclaimer: This is not a promotional post. The views written here are genuine as I am using Zomato for more than two years now. I am just sharing my user-experience as a foodie and a traveler. I felt that this app/website is worth mentioning on my Travel blog.

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