Explore Ancient Ruins in Hampi in Just 15k

I have already written a blog post about my travel experience in Hampi, in general. You can read the post,before you “Technically” start planning your trip, which I am sure you will after reading my older post on Hampi.
So, let’s get things straight on how can you plan your Hampi trip within 15k budget (per person), without scrimping on comfort.

Why Hampi?

Paradise full of boulders, majestic ruins, holy Tungabhadra and lush green paddy fields, Hampi blends you in a time which has no connection to your city life. Forget that luxurious travel you have been planning for the whole year. Hampi is far more worth than any luxury in the world. Visit this place to experience the real treasure of India.
boulder pic

Getting there?

• By Train – Nearest station to Hampi is Hospet where some long distance express trains halts. Hospet is just 12 km from Hampi and you can hire a rickshaw from Hospet. Another option is getting down at Hubli and hiring a cab or a bus to reach Hampi. Hubli is 165 km from Hampi.
Cost of Ticket: INR 4000

Where to Stay?

I have mentioned in my older post that if you are visiting Hampi, you should consider staying at Hippie Island (also called as Virupapur Gadde) for better experience. Staying options at Hippie Island are cheaper and beautiful than the commercial Hospet. Few of the notable staying options I would like to mention here:
Gouthami Guest House: 10 minutes walking from Ferry point at Virupapur Gadde. Cost of Stay: INR 1000
Gowri Resort: Near Sanapur Lake, Virupapur Gadde. Cost of Stay: INR 750
Mowgli Guest House: At Hampi river road, Virupapur Gadde. Cost of Stay: INR 1957
You can find more budgeted hotels at Tripadvisor.
(Please note that the prices might vary on seasonal basis, however, they don’t go higher than INR 2000 even on peak season.)
German Bakery at Gouthami Guest House

What to do?

Explore old Hampi: Experience the unique side of Hampi by exploring temples and ruins scattered around 30km area. Hampi has most of ruins from Vijaynagara Era and temples like Virupaksha Temple, underground Shiva temple, Narsimha statue, Monolithic bull, Monolithic Ganesh at foot of Hemkuta Hill, Lotus Palace, Vitthal Temple, Stone Chariot and Palace with majestic Elephant stables.
Trek for Sunrise/Sunset on the Hill: Hampi has two hills which will give you best Sunset/Sunrise of your life. At the center of the city there is Matanga Hill. Do a little trek to get your reward of experiencing majestic Sunset while you listen to jamming sessions from Hippie tourist. Another notable hill is at Anegundi – Anjaneya Hill. This hill is believed to be birth place of Lord Hanuman and offers best sunset view for those who climbs to the top of it. You need to climb 575 steps to reach the top and enjoy the view.
Bouldering: Hampi is a bouldering paradise. The practically endless trails of boulders give a range of option based on your level. There are many places in Hampi where bouldering folks camp.
Coracle Riding: A small round boat made of cane, is a traditional way used to cross Tungabhadra River. The experience of sailing in Coracle is unique and thrilling when the boatman make it sail in round loops.
Shopping: Hampi Market has variety of junk jewelry in Silver, Copper and Brass. They also has huge range of hippie styled clothing, leather bags and metal statues.
Cost of Excursion: INR 2500 (Includes Moped + Petrol + Rickshaw)

What to Eat?

Hampi is part of Karnataka and hence you can expect a good South Indian Thali at any restaurant you walk in. However, Hippie Island homes lot of hippies from different countries so you get a decent American/Spanish set breakfast, Pasta and Pizza at all the restaurants, at reasonable rates. Hippie Island also has two outlets of German Bakery, so you can enjoy real good Bakery items.
Cost of Meals: INR 2000 (For 2 days of stay)

Expenses Cost per person
Train Tickets + Cab 4000
Stay(4 days) 4500
Excursion in Hampi(Including Transportation) 2500
Meals 2000
Miscellaneous 1000
Total 14000



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